About Us

Fast IT Tools is dedicated to helping IT managers do their job better and faster by providing a comprehensive library of free tools, templates and training. The tools we provide are designed to be easy to edit and adapt to your organization so you won’t have to spend countless hours or thousands of dollars with consultants every time you are faced with a new management challenge.

All of the tools in our library are garnered from our expanding panel of IT and business professionals and are road-tested by our internal staff of IT experts to assure top quality. Why re-invent the wheel as you forge new ground in your business? Chances are, many of your peers have already documented the very processes in which you are about to embark. Now, you can benefit from their experience.

Vendors who wish to reach our unique and valuable audience of IT managers are invited to inquire about innovative programs that will help them achieve maximum ROI from their advertising budget.

Contact Information:

Fast IT Tools is a publication of GlowTouch Technologies. located at:

4360 Brownsboro Rd
Louisville, KY  40207
Phone:  502 410 1732

Please send all email inquiries to [email protected].